Izraelská výměna 2018-19

Dear students,

You have applied to participate in the AG - IASA exchange and promised to work on some assignments at home and in school. Now is the time to do so!

On Monday 10th September between 12 and 2 pm please see M. Moravcová in room 308 to choose one of the topics to work on (see attachment) and to pick up some material. The following Monday (17th September) the whole school day (8.15 to 15.30 in room 309) will be devoted to preparation for the exchange. We expect you to present your topics in English to the other participants and then some groupwork will follow. This is very important, there are no excuses.

The trip to Israel will take place from 22nd November to 29th November 2018.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Please, confirm that you have read this email.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this year's AG - IASA exchange.

Ivana Hajičová

I Židovské svátky
a Jom Kipur
b Roš Hašana
c Pesach
d Šabat
II Izraelské osobnosti
a Theodor Herzl
b Ben Gurion
c Golda Meier
d Jicchak Rabin
III Češi a Izrael
a Heda Margoliová
c Jan Masaryk
d Česká podpora vzniku státu Izrael
IV Zeměpis
a Golany
b Mrtvé moře a voda
c Gaza – Joe Sacco
d Jeruzalém – De Lisle
V Spisovatelé
a Amos Oz
b Etgar Keret
c Avraham B. Yehoshua: Cesta na konec tisíciletí
d Viktor Fischl: Dvorní šašci a další
VI Dějiny a jejich vliv na současnost
a Sionismus (19. stol.) – 1948 (vznik státu Izrael)
b 1948 – Camp David
c Lizzie Doronová
d Asaf Gavron: Osada na pahorku
10. 9. mezi 12 a 14 h do kabinetu 308 – zvolit si téma a vyzvednout si materiály
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