Language Lab - Kateřina Matulová


Are you interested in exploring the history of English language?

Let’s have a look at different stages of English in a series of talks and explorations with tea and biscuits. Have you ever wondered why there are words that basically mean the same but some are considered lower level and some higher level? Would you like to know where the irregular verbs come from and why the spelling of words and the pronunciation don’t always fit? Then come along! You could also find out which English Shakespeare used in his plays and what the difference is between thou and you, and what wast and doth mean.

Den a čas konání: dle dohody s přihlášenými, jednou týdně 45 minut nebo 90 minut jednou za 14 dní

Časové možnosti: nultá hodina, večerní zoom + občasné schůzky ve škole a mimo školu, odpoledne po vyučování

Časová náročnost: